Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirting.

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"The Royal God is not the candidate of Li Sihan, the leading actor of Time, as Director Li said!" As soon as this sentence was spoken, Jin Yixuan's eyes suddenly widened and he looked at Gong Yubai with an incredible look. How is that possible! How is that possible! How is that possible! How can the legendary national male God arrange this kind of youth film to earn traffic and popularity, which is impossible no matter how you think! However, Gong Yubai appeared in this place, and. And walked step by step in the direction of Luo Qingchen. Director Li yuan raised the corners of his mouth and stood up to look at Gong Yubai. "I'm here at last," he said. "Mmm!"! There's a traffic jam on the road. After Gong Yubai responded, he cast his eyes on Luo Qingchen and said, "Why aren't you in the mood to eat?" "Hiss -- --" a very ordinary sentence, from the mouth of the palace imperial white, but let all the people present gasp. What's going on? Did Gong Yubai really know Luo Qingchen? Is it true what Entertainment Weekly said this morning? The fastest update 2519. No Chapter 2519 my God! Mary Sue World (61) "Cough." Li yuan cleared his throat and brought the topic back. He looked at Jin Yixuan, who was completely stunned, and said, "The Royal God is the man who I think is more suitable to play Li Sihan in Youth. I don't know if you think this person is suitable?" I.. I I Jin Yixuan said three'me 'in a row, but there was no next sentence. He was completely suppressed by Gong Yubai's powerful aura, and a word was stuck in his throat, unable to say anything. Not because he was really too frightened to speak, but because he could not find any words to refute it. The other side is the Royal God! The most mysterious man in the entertainment circle, the man who has only made a disaster film and can be popular all over the world, the man who does not participate in any variety shows, rarely appears under the camera, but has tens of millions of fans! The existence of such a man, let him use what to contend with him. He can't beat him. He can't beat anything. Whether it's popularity or traffic, he can't compare with it. But he does not understand why such a person with the top resources, who can shoot international blockbusters, should choose to shoot a lengthy youth TV series. Because What? Could it be.. Luo Qingchen? "Is this the Royal God himself?" Gu Fanfan's eyebrows and eyes blinked slightly, almost staring at Gong Yubai. It was the first time she had looked so closely at the favored son of heaven, and her ears were unconsciously slightly red. Good-looking, really good-looking, just like a teenager coming out of a picture scroll, so good-looking that it can't be square. She should have worked harder to be the one standing next to him. Yes, beam impact tubes ,impact beam tubes, yes! One side of the okra also appears to be very excited, stepping on the small steps: "Royal God Royal God!" " And under such a powerful aura, Luo Qingchen felt a little embarrassed. It seems that as long as Gong Yubai stands there, everyone's eyes are there. Seeing that she had not responded for a long time, Gong Yubai smiled and said, "Can you think about what to eat for so long?" In fact, when he said these words, Yu Guang would look at Jin Yixuan from time to time. What kind of person is he, Gong Yubai? Someone dares to rob the person he likes. What made him even more angry was that this man had once owned her. He doesn't often do this kind of thing, but no one can stop him when he really does it. No Luo Qingchen shook his head and whispered, "You really want to act in a youth film!"! I have a feeling that I am overqualified. This man is Gong Yubai! The male God of the country in the eyes of fans! Not to mention a youth film with kissing scenes, even a plain youth film is an explosive news. What's the matter? Does Miss Luo Qingchen want Jin Yixuan to play the leading role? He looked at her sideways, with a touch of starlight in his deep eyebrows and eyes, which was particularly charming. He also lowered his voice, and although the words they whispered to each other could not be heard by others, their small expressions and eye contact made everyone present think that they were very familiar. And Very well done.
"Of course not!" Luo Qingchen bit his lip and said, "If he plays the leading actor, I won't." Is so arrogant, is so capricious! Although, as a professional actor must have the accomplishment, but must let her to Jin Yixuan that face pats the kiss play, kills her to be impossible! "Don't worry!" Gong Yubai saw that her face was full of anger. He raised his right hand gently and touched her head. "There must be Gong Yubai in the TV series with Luo Qingchen in the future," he said. The fastest update 2520. No Chapter 2520 my God! Mary Sue World (62) At that time, Luo Qingchen thought that Gong Yubai was just saying, but in the heart of Gong Yubai, it was a kind of oath. Jin Yixuan looked at the interaction between Gong Yubai and Luo Qingchen, and his heart was as breathless as if he had been pressed by a big stone. He thought that if he was compared with Ye Shiliang alone, he would never lose. But now the person he has to face is Gong Yubai. The man whose popularity explodes and whose fans are everywhere he goes. How can he compare? In fact, his heart is not reconciled, Luo Qingchen dumped him, unexpectedly with such a famous person together. And him? After leaving Luo Qingchen, she held hands with a completely unknown girl. The vanity in his heart made him very anxious. Cough, cough, cough. Li yuan saw that someone at the scene had already taken out his cell phone to take photos, and the discussion became more and more intense. He directly cleared his throat and said: "The male protagonist of Time has been confirmed as the Royal God. I will ask the assistant to announce the female partner later. That's all for today. Thank you." The whole afternoon, in this star group VIP audition room,stainless steel tube 304, the plot climax, no one can think of the end. Just like when Li yuan announced that the man was Gong Yubai, Ye Su was so angry that his eyes turned white and he fainted.

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