The heroine is the main villain [fast wear] ...

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Walking to the home decoration store and seeing the exquisite boat puzzle, she stopped by the window and looked at it for a long time, wanting to go back to the time when she was young. Although she was drifting on the boat, at least she was not lonely. Although her world was the bottom of the table at that time, she still had her father and mother. Now, where is her world? The more I think about it, the more lonely I am. The more I think about it, the more sad I am. The clerk in the shop came out and asked her warmly if she could come into the shop if she liked. She hurriedly wiped away her tears, shook her head and thanked her, and pushed the cart away. Walking and sobbing, she thought she was strong, since she dared to bear it at the beginning, she should have thought about what she would face later, why she could not bear to be humiliated by a cold and arrogant man. At an intersection, I saw a little girl standing at the intersection with a balloon in her hand and crying with her mouth open. She had pigtails, much like when she was a child. She asked the little girl what was wrong. The little girl said she couldn't find her mother. She thought how much she looked like a homeless child. She wiped the little girl's tears and bought an ice cream and handed it to the little girl. She parked the bicycle aside, squatted down and held the child's little hand until the child's mother came and handed the child over to her mother, and then pushed the bicycle away. And she, is never able to wait for her family,hydraulic fitting supplier, they are all dead, her mind came out of such a sentence, they are all dead, can no longer restrain themselves, sad to cry out, Feng Bowen, Feng Bowen might as well be dead. If you die,38 needle valve, there is a dream, can turn your back on her, that is, even miss can no longer have. From then on, Tianya is a stranger. She didn't see it. Across the street, a black Bentley followed her slowly. He was curious about where the gold-digging woman would go after she was kicked out of the company. Would she go to a nightclub as an escort, or to a dating agency, or to ask her ex-boyfriend Feng Bowen for a sum of money. He still had her pair of high-heeled shoes in his car. He took it to an international women's shoe store owned by the company to repair it. He wanted to have a chance to return it to her, but because he met her at a rich and powerful blind date, his initial impression of her suddenly changed. Chapter 25: It turned out that she was fighting alone all the time. She pushed the bicycle, in the crowd, the sun fell on her shoulders, she had a kind of lost confusion, brass tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, is it so difficult to start again after a mistake? And the man who made her pay for it, where is he enjoying the sweetness at the moment? It turned out that she was fighting alone all the time. Walking in the crowd, she could not help but quicken her pace, for fear that she would be separated from the crowd, that the world would suddenly stand still, and that everyone would not be there, leaving her alone in the same place. His car was still driving through the streets, following her closely. He could not explain why he had an inexplicable curiosity about such a woman. If it was a chance encounter at Feng Bowen's wedding, he heard her tell a touching and old-fashioned story. So in the blind date mansion, she threw his bank card into the red wine glass, and her eyes were determined and cold. It was as if he had never followed a woman like this, and had always followed all kinds of women around him. He seemed to like her as his opponent, she looked like a lot of sides, awkward side, delicate side, clever side, determined side, all of her. He also saw her lying in front of the window, reluctantly looking at the jigsaw puzzle of the sailboat, and her strong face as she walked and cried. Waiting for the traffic lights at an intersection, his car stopped. He poked his head to see her turning figure. She was thin and tall. Her short hair was blown up by the wind. Her healing speed was so fast that he even saw a smile rising from the corners of her side face. He looked attentively and saw her staring at a table near the window of the McDonald's restaurant. It turned out to be a child's birthday surrounded by the whole family. The child was wearing a small hat on his head. There was a birthday cake in front of him. There was McDonald's. The family sat around the table, singing happy birthday, and the child's mother and father each gave the child a kiss on the cheek. Does this woman like peeping? He thought as the car behind him honked its horn and he continued to drive closer to her to follow her. She watched the child blow out the candle and silently said to the child and to herself: Happy Birthday.
If she hadn't seen the child's birthday, she wouldn't have remembered that it was her birthday today. She could have had a reason to have a happy birthday, but she was expelled today. So what's the need for this birthday. Smiling, she saw a recruitment notice posted on the window beside McDonald's. The salary of employees who need to deliver takeout is negotiable. Better than not having a job, she thought. Why don't she try to apply for a job? Although it's hard to deliver takeout, it's also a down-to-earth job. Think of his deep voice said: "Perhaps, you should find more girls to take you to a blind date, it will be more suitable for you.". She has to rely on herself, no man, she can still support herself, although from the company's legal affairs to the delivery of takeout is really a big span, but she thought, can she still engage in law-related things? Although what he said is heartless, it is also true that according to the Lawyers Law, she can no longer engage in law-related work. For the sake of Feng Bowen, she became a sinner, and this sin, she will bear the responsibility for a lifetime. Chapter 26: He is willing to spend half a day trying to figure out what kind of woman she is. He parked his car on the side of the road opposite McDonald's, leaned against the car and watched her enter McDonald's calmly. There was soothing music playing in the car. He turned off his cell phone. He was willing to spend half a day trying to figure out what kind of woman she was. Before long, she came out with a takeout box in her arms. She was wearing a red overalls for McDonald's delivery and a small red helmet on her head. She went to a small electric car in front of the McDonald's store, fixed the box to the electric car,38 tube fitting, and looked at it carefully with a list in her hand. Through the window, he saw her get on the electric bicycle and ride towards Yuyuan Road. He followed her and watched her ride on the non-motorized lane. Although she was across the road, she could still see her bright red equipment.

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