Wolf Sex Rich Second Generation: Spoil the little wife

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Posturing, full of strange theories, although some self-righteous, but he has not seen such an interesting woman for a long time! I really don't know if she will have so many words, so many complaints, so many strange theories and so many accusations when she is pushed down on the bed, on the bed, above her body, inch by inch, carefully and greedily tasting her skin. Women.. Now the mouth is very hard. To the bed, on the bed, the mouth is hard not to get up. When the time comes, it's too late to beg and shout no. That's what women do. Seeing that Mo Shaoqi had a well-thought-out plan, with some ambiguous chuckles, and remembering that Mo Kenai was holding Lillian in his arms like a libertine, Jiu'er suddenly felt anger rising from his heart, evil to the edge of courage. Perhaps it was the wine that emboldened her. She suddenly stood up and said, "What are you laughing at?"! What's so funny! You men all think you are great, don't you? You all think you are the center of the world, and you all think that because you have gained one or two more meat,empty cosmetic tubes, women will crawl at your feet? "You think this woman is not beautiful, you think that woman is dirty, and you think this woman is man-made, and you want the nine-day fairy to come down to earth?!"! Ask yourselves, are you worthy of such a woman? How much X ability do you have to be able to pick and choose like this? ———————————————— Her voice was not small, and the people next to her turned their heads and looked at the woman in amazement. How could this charming beauty, who had been swaying on the stage just now, be like a little hedgehog,aluminium laminated tube, and not speak softly at all. But Mo Shaoqi was not angry, gently walked to her side, ambiguous around her shoulder. Jiu'er's burning face cooled down in an instant. No, I can't get angry like this, I have to calm down! Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain! Although he had studied hard before, Mo Shaoqi seemed to like the hot woman who was against him most, but he could not do too much. Mo Shaoqi one hand around her shoulder, action intimate, nine son did not resist, she felt her face burning, do not know whether it is for the red wine, or for the two people dancing in the distance. Watching Mo always come over and embrace the beauty, the gossip crowd watching the play next to him also knew that Mo always was very attentive to this woman, custom cosmetic packing ,pump tube, so they did not dare to look more, turned their heads shyly and chatted about their own days. Mo Shaoqi gently touched Jiu Er's face with his fingers through the veil. Inch by inch, he said slowly, "I don't think you are ugly. Beauty is in the bone, not in the skin. When I touch it, the bones and flesh of your face are even. It must be a very beautiful beauty!" "Aren't you afraid I'm artificial?" Jiu'er satirized him. You are definitely not man-made! Mo Shaoqi smiled faintly: "I felt it out when I was dancing just now. There is absolutely no silicone in your whole body. It's natural, and it's not as soft as some women. It's like a pool of dead meat. The muscles of your whole body are full of rich tension, but not too much. It's fine and dense, and the flesh and blood are even. It is a rare thing!" Nine son suddenly thought of just dancing when he saw Mo Kenai, Leng that moment, the whole person rushed into the arms of Mo Shaoqi, he must have felt his chest. Volume 7 Verse 324: Be My Woman Tonight 4 Nine son suddenly thought of just dancing when he saw Mo Kenai, Leng that moment, the whole person rushed into the arms of Mo Shaoqi, he must have felt his chest. Although he knew that he might be eaten up by this man tonight, it was nothing to touch his chest. She was still blushing at the moment. Mo Shaoqi looked at her, then stuck it to her ear and said, "It's strange to say that the more you shout so rudely, and the more you look like dirt to men all over the world, the lovelier you are!" Is it? It means you're a masochist too! Nine son did not say this sentence, only in the eyes.
But Mo Shaoqi received it completely. He chuckled and held her greasy palm: "You want to say that I have masochistic tendencies. I am so idle that I want to find abuse, don't you?" Now that he had said so, Jiu Er did not want to deny it. He coughed, "I think so!" "That's not true, I tell you!" The flame in Mo Shaoqi's eyes is getting stronger and stronger: "I tell you, the more powerful a man is, the more powerful a woman is, because a woman who possesses that kind of weakness will only be a bird. A pitiful and obedient woman is not interesting at all!"! Is the more high-profile, the more publicity, the more rebellious woman, will arouse the interest of the strong, will want to know her. He narrowed his eyes, and through her veil, his lips and tongue teased on her cheek, with a kind of wet feeling: "…" I just want to know what such a woman is like in bed! She sneers: "Aren't you afraid that such a woman will kick out and waste your penis?" "I don't think so!" Mo Shaoqi's smile is gentle and strange. Extremely affectionately, on her cheek. He stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked it all the way along her veil. Finally, he stayed on her lips through the veil: "You just said what virtue and ability I have. What kind of X ability can I have to be worthy of a natural beauty? I tell you, do you want to know tonight?" —————————————— Just then, in the middle of the dance floor, Mo Kenai, who was dancing with Lillian in his arms, looked over Lillian's shoulders and far away under the beaded curtain of a corner pavilion. Little by little, his heart seemed to ooze blood, which made him restless and bloody, so that he missed several dance steps in the sound of music. Lillian pouted and said coquettishly, "Mo Shao,polyfoil tube, what's wrong with you?" "No, why?"! Baby, it's because you're so hot that you make my heart tremble and I can't even walk steadily! Mo Kenai narrowed his eyes and smiled.

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