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Now I finally understand the worries and feelings of those movie stars or famous singers after becoming famous. However, I appreciate the proper attitude of HK people towards those HK stars. Of course, this is the reason why the geographical environment of HK itself is too narrow. It is precisely because of the small area that people have the opportunity to see movie stars and famous singers every day. Therefore, over time, there is less crazy worship and more reason. Let's get back to the point. As I flew hundreds of meters into the air, the group of players became clear in my line of sight. Hey, it's a little surprising that this is a team made up entirely of female players; not only that, but every member's clothes, weapons and mounts are exactly the same, and every member can be associated with the word beauty. This unexpectedly reminds me of the "Surabaya Gang" where "Hot Rose", the girlfriend of "Overlord Gun", is located. After all, there are not many combinations of pure female players in the game. The most famous one is the "Surabaya Gang". Although some of the others are quite famous, in the analysis of Zhang San, an intelligence expert, no combination will pursue the regularity of the team's dress so much. Even the "Jade Lady Sword" of the "Wizard Alliance" will not care so much about the dress. This group of female knights, riding a rare "one-horned horse", were galloping at a high speed,plastic laminted tube, looking as if they were in a panic, and some powerful monster was chasing them. I looked behind them and was surprised to see nothing. But the next moment, I hear, no, I should say I feel a dull atmosphere. It's like all the air around you is pressing against you. I couldn't help but look up at the source of the pressure, and I was startled. It was a huge,plastic packing tube, dark, foggy skeleton, which was constantly approaching the group of female knights, a minute or two faster than the "unicorn horse" which was famous for its foot strength. The skeleton slowly approached, and I learned that what looked like an undulating fog was actually a very disgusting looking flying insect. Although these flying insects are small, but I will never doubt their strength, the so-called "ants bite more dead elephants", the more such monsters are more difficult to deal with, just look at the more than ten frightened "Surabaya Gang" female knights to know their power, not to mention their own number of groups in units of ten thousand. I sighed helplessly in my heart. I don't know how the "Surabaya Gang" could mess with such a perverted monster and let me happen to meet it. In the past, my first choice was to leave this place immediately before the insects called "flying bewitches" found me. After all, I was not sure that I would be safe when the two sides approached. However, the following is the "Surabaya Gang", eye cream packaging tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, the sister of the "Surabaya Gang" where "Hot Rose" is the girlfriend of "Overlord Gun", and "Hot Rose" is a member of my secret plan, even if she only joined it because of "Overlord Gun". But in any case, they already had such a "friend" relationship with each other that it was unreasonable to see her sisters in danger and ignore it at all. Therefore, I gritted my teeth secretly and took out the "plantain fan" from the "ring of heaven and earth", thinking that whether I could save the female knights and myself this time depended on it. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ The new book fantasy novel "Diary" is estimated to come out in the New Year (after Chinese New Year's Eve), and I hope you will support it a lot. ? Volume IX Love and Hatred (15) The Disaster of Flying Bewitching To tell the truth, in the face of the overwhelming "flying", my heart was still extremely nervous, and my mouth was even more than swallowing saliva, because when I got closer, I found that the number of "flying" like black fog was more than ten thousand to calculate, and the black fog crowded together to occupy a huge space could be calculated by "hundred million".
At this time, the group of female knights running on the ground also discovered my existence. I don't know what the leading female knight in front of me shouted. Anyway, just as I was about to fan the "plantain fan", the female knights reined in the reins of the "one-horned horse", rushed forward for a short distance, stopped, and then quickly formed a circular formation. Seeing the behavior of these female knights, I laughed in my heart. Such a circular formation, for the overwhelming "flying" has no effect at all, even the most common word formation is not as effective as, this is used to defend the formation! Alas, it seems that girls are still lacking in this military concept! With this feeling in my heart, I used all my strength to wave the "plantain fan" which had become very big in my hands and had nearly one thousand loads, which was also my limit. However, don't tell me, the "plantain fan" which has become several times the size of my body has been fanned, and the power has been reflected. In a short time, it has rapidly changed from an imposing manner to a violent "tornado", and then from a "tornado" to a more powerful "hurricane". Satisfied with the "hurricane" that takes up so much space, I just want to do it again. At this time, I was attracted by the movements of the group of female knights. I don't know when these female knights have taken out the same weapon, a pair of very delicate short guns. Each pair of short guns, all in different postures, do not seem to match each other, but as far as I am concerned, I feel a harmonious atmosphere, just like a battle. While wondering what kind of effect such a shape would have, my "hurricane" on the other side had already met the "flying bewitching" group. The strong wind instantly tore the black fog-like skull to pieces,tube lip gloss, and a large part of the "flying bewitching" was directly killed by the powerful force and fell down. I was overjoyed to see that the "hurricane" was so effective for these "flying tricks". He immediately fanned twice again with difficulty, and two "hurricanes" quickly formed one left and one right, and then rushed towards the "flying" group that had been blown away.

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