Time and space demon

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"At the worst, I'll get the big loach out and let the ancient God fight with it again." Fang Linkong has never been cautious in doing things. Thinking of this, he immediately agreed to Dan Xiaozi. According to Dan Xiaozi, what Fang Linkong has to do is to continue to rush to the end of Qing and Jin. Although the Qingshen Tixian in the back is extremely rare, these two rays are very long. Fang Linkong has just become a snake, and he can't bear the itch in his palms, so he keeps practicing what he has learned today. Dan Xiaozi hid himself in the blue robe of Heaven. When he saw Fang Lin leaping in the sky, he couldn't help saying, "Martial Nephew, I'm surprised at Taoism. It's not bad.". But there are two big flaws, do you know? Fang Lin Konglian did not know that he really did not feel that there was anything wrong with him now. However, he is not a stubborn person, and he is convinced that Dan Xiaozi will fly aimlessly. Seeing Fang Linkong's respectful attitude, Danxiaozi patiently instructed him, saying, "The most important thing for a man of practice is to protect himself.". The treasures you just used were inspired. The power is extraordinary, but after all, it is a foreign thing, far less than the self-cultivation of protective magic to follow one's inclinations. Although you can rely on your own strength to form a protective mask, but ultimately it seems very crude. It is better to have formally practiced the extremely powerful and powerful magic. "Second, you have just fought many times, although in a variety of ways.". However,Self-closing Faucet, it lacks a set of self-contained exercises. You know, once the enemy has been practicing for a long time, no matter how ingenious the magic is, it is hard to shake his heart. It is better to master a set of proud skills to be practical than to win by surprise. Dan Xiaozi's words. It makes Fang Linkong a little embarrassed. He has never had a formal master, even turning over the actual combat, also let him know his own weaknesses, but these shortcomings, Fang Linkong did not do anything to make up for it. He had a brainwave and immediately asked Dan Xiaozi for advice. What Martial Uncle said was true,Self-closing Shower Valve, but the disciple didn't get much instruction from the family teacher. I'm afraid I'll go the wrong way if I grope for it. I hope Martial Uncle can give me some advice! Fang Linkong said very bluntly, "I don't know these skills. Martial Uncle, you can give me some." It's a little euphemistic, but the purpose is half right. Dan Xiaozi smiled and said, "Martial Uncle, how could you hide something?"? I Kunlun Xiandao protect the body of Taoism, the most profound is the thirty-three days seal formula. Each seal, an amulet, a spell, a seal, a formula. The formation of thirty-three amulets and seals is absolutely no less powerful than your precious amulets, and it also has the wonderful effect of defeating the enemy. However, the cultivation of this method requires a very strong force. It is extremely difficult to cultivate in the human world. None of the twelve immortals of Kunlun, including your master, could be cultivated. However, Prison toilet for sale ,stainless steel squatting pan, in the Dharma body of the ancient God Jie Dun, there is a great advantage, that is, there is no danger of lack of vitality. Maybe you can try! Thirty-three days seal formula. It is one of the few spells in Kunlun Xiandao that are perfect in theory but can not be put into practice. For no other reason. The vitality of heaven and earth needed to cultivate these Taoist arts is really too huge, unless it is the immortal after soaring, when the energy is a hundred times that of the human world, it can only be expected to try. However, the immortals who ascended rarely returned to the human world again, and these spells became legendary magical powers that could not be cultivated. After breaking through the crystal wall of the human world, Dan Xiaozi naturally tried to practice these spells. With the huge energy supply between layers, Dan Xiaozi verified the possibility of these Taoism one by one. Among them, the thirty-three days of seal formula, the power of body protection is really extraordinary. With Dan Xiaozi's careful teaching, it is not difficult for Fang Linkong to understand the essence of the 33-day seal formula. Because this magic wall should be completed at one go, it is not difficult to build a seal, but how to build it at the same time. The twelve immortals of the Kunlun Mountains have all tried the Three Great Ways, which is known as the most powerful defense in the human world, but the most successful Kirin has only been practicing for thirteen days. Fang Linkong tried to figure it out and found that with his True Qi, he could make four seals at most in one breath, but he swallowed the energy very fast, and although the supplement was not enough to consume, it should also be able to support six or seven more seals. There is a special feature in the 33-day seal formula. If all the mana shields are not completely broken, as long as there is a seal, it can be recovered immediately. But if it is completely broken, it needs to be refined again.
He thought to himself that he could not refine Taoism in one breath, but he wanted to try his best. Even if he refined a dozen layers of shields, when he returned to the earth, he could be called an iron wall of gold soup. Unless the eight gods extremely make a move, others certainly can't do anything about such abnormal body protection. As soon as he thought about it, Fang Linkong began to practice. He began to use the vitality to condense the amulets, seals, and recite the incantations silently. With the formula, the speed was very slow, which was convenient for swallowing and absorbing energy to supplement consumption. But these thirty-three days seal formula is really very abnormal, he just completed the first seal, feel the hand of the formula is out of control, the body vitality rolling out, Fang Linkong helpless can only speed up the speed of the seal formula. After the completion of the first seal, immediately after, there is no room for breathing, then began the second. Dan Xiaozi flies with Fang Linkong to the end of Qingxia, and at the same time protects Fang Linkong. If Fang Linkong could practice Taoism, his plan would be a little more calculated, so Dan Xiaozi didn't want to make a mistake. The blue clouds around Fang Linkong gave him a steady stream of inhalation into his body. A strange sight appeared. Qingxia, tens of kilometers in diameter, appeared a thin empty belt inside because of the lack of replenishment. With the power of the seal formula, Fang Linkong demanded more and more energy. When the sixth seal was released, his body was already empty. He now relies entirely on absorbing the energy contained in the blue clouds to run the seal formula of the thirty-three days. However,Time Delay Tap, the speed of replenishment is too fast to match the consumption. The energy needed for this formula is much more than the ten battles of Fang Linkong. As soon as the ninth seal came out, Fang Linkong knew it was broken. The energy he had replenished could no longer meet the needs of the seal formula. Seeing that the thirty-three days of the seal formula was about to be interrupted, suddenly a powerful force was instilled into Fang Linkong's body. He breathed a sigh of relief. Fang Linkong looked back and saw that it was a Tixian in Jinxia who came to attack him and was killed by Dan Xiaozi.

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