Green Plum Wearing Jackie Chan's Ao Tian--Jiang Yue Nian Nian

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However, when Chu Nongying really began to practice, he felt confused and did not even know what kind of teaching AIDS to buy. When she reads novels, she can only know the names of the cool moves, but she has no idea how to develop them. If the author writes the novel like a book on physics and chemistry, it is estimated that no one can read it. Chu Nongying wanted the blue ball to help at first, but this guy is not the material to teach people at all. If you have to make an analogy, it's like doing math problems. Smurfs only know the final answer and can't write the process of solving problems at all, which is of no help to Chu Nongying. Chu Nongying looked at the good-for-nothing Smurf and couldn't help complaining: "Why are you useless?" The blue ball said angrily: "My existence is only to maintain the order of the world, and I don't need to cultivate the ability value!" Chu Nongying said lightly, "I think the main world should fire you right away. Now the economic environment is not good, so there is no need to raise you in vain." Gargamel, you don't know shit! The blue ball was so angry that he shouted abuse and seemed quite dissatisfied. I do understand you. [……] Chu Nongying found that the Smurfs were not reliable. After thinking about it, she thought of a more suitable candidate for a straight A student. Yunpo is the future God of wisdom. According to the setting of the novel, he is at least a palace-level God of learning and should know more. She still remembered that Yunpo could enter the Academy because he was able to do the wild version of Wang Yuyan, memorizing the various attributes of the power moves and training system, and was specially recruited by the professor. The only fly in the ointment is that not long ago, she was suspected of openly molesting Xiaolong Aotian, which made each other unhappy. At present, they seem to be in a cold war. Yunpo's way of getting angry doesn't have any lethality. He makes water filters every day as usual,Manual Flush Valve, but when he sees Chu Nongying, he walks around, as if he still takes her words to heart. 。 Chu Nongying is a utilitarian action school, she did not attend to ease the relationship a few days ago, but at this time need to learn God to help homework, they instantly have a sense of urgency, decided to go to Yunpo. In the corridor of the small building on the second floor, Chu Nongying gently knocked on the door of Yunpo,Time Delay Faucet, but this time it was Yunlai who opened the door. Chu Nongying was a little surprised. Before she could open her mouth, she heard the other party say with a smile, "Is Xiao Ying here?"? Yunpo hasn't come back yet. Go inside first. When Chu Nongying saw Yunlai's beautiful face, she was instantly dignified. She whispered, "Beautiful sister, I'll come back when Yunlai comes home.." The blue small ball looked at the bar essence one second to change the face, the tone is gentle and clever frightens the human, could not help shaking the head. It can not help feeling that beauty is justice, the original good-looking face can also shut up the devil who loves to raise the bar. Yun Lai said gently, "It's all right. Haven't you eaten yet?"? Why don't you join us? Chu Nong Ying Ben hesitated a little, but as soon as she heard about the meal, she immediately agreed happily: "OK, thank you, that's trouble!" Chu Nongying has been eating out frequently recently, push button toilet flush valve ,Flush valve price, which is really a little boring, but her self-care ability is too bad, so far she has not made normal cooking smoothly. Now Yunlai kindly invited her, and of course she would not refuse. In the alley, Yunpo went home through the alley as usual, but met an uninvited guest. When he saw Akang waiting against the wall, his eyes were as cold as cold water, and he subconsciously touched the sleeve arrow in his clothes. The two men did not know how many times they had fought, and the atmosphere was at daggers drawn as soon as they met. When Akang saw Yunpo's alert look, he coughed slightly and put on an act: "I'm not interested in fighting with you today.." Yun Po raised his eyebrows and said lightly, "What's the matter?" Does he remember that Akang took the lead in beating himself up? The cause was that a strange neighbor accosted him, causing Akang to burn with jealousy. Who knows what Akang sees in her? Is it that some people like league-level athletes? Although everyone is still a child, but the cloud has always been precocious thinking, know that Akang has a good impression on Xiao Ying. He had no intention of getting involved in such a boring thing, but when he thought of the "knife hidden in the crotch", he was particularly ashamed and annoyed, and when he saw Akang, he also felt upset. Yun Po always feels like his life is completely occupied by Chu Nong Ying, who seems to be everywhere, even when he sees other people, he can think of her.
Kang was not having a good time recently. Seeing a hint of impatience on Yunpo's face, he quickly steeled himself to get to the point. He seriously clenched his fist and said, "Let's join hands in private and overthrow her oppression together!"! You've had enough of their exclusion lately! Cloud break: "?" Cloud broken face dew indissoluble: "You are to point to..." Kang's tone was impassioned: "Of course it's Xiao Ying and those people!"! I have already observed that you have been hiding from Xiao Ying recently, and you must have been excluded! After Bubble and others followed Chu Nongying to make a fortune, they gradually drew a clear distance with Akang, which made him feel extremely lost. Akang used to be the leader of the children in the village in the city, but now he is so depressed that he can't even find the people who are drifting together. When he was reduced to this, he saw that Yunpo, who was in the same situation, had a deep resonance, and suddenly felt that he was not a human being before, and from then on he woke up. Kang: We must unite together to defeat them! I will often come to you in the future, and we will act together! Cloud break: "… …" Cloud broken really embarrassed to say, he was not actually excluded, and the situation with the other side is the opposite. He was not snubbed, but because he was molested, he had to stay away from the bar. Chapter 12 Yunpo looked at the warm-blooded Akang and felt a little speechless. He weighed his words and said frankly, "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in these things." Yunpo was not a fool, and he saw that Akang was somewhat disappointed because he was alone. Akang was reduced to looking for himself and wanted to be very lonely in his heart. But the cloud does not care about these things, he can remember the past enmity between the two, can not immediately reconcile with each other. Why Kang looked puzzled, "she just put on a good-looking skin, in fact, is a devil!"! You must not be deceived by her! Cloud break: "… …" I probably figured that out before you did. You don't really think she thinks you're a friend, do you? Seeing that Yunpo was silent,Time Delay Tap, Akang mistakenly thought that he was unrepentant and said, "She is an aristocrat. She only looks down on us from the bottom of her heart. How can she treat people equally?" Yunpo couldn't help frowning and said with slight displeasure, "It has nothing to do with you." 。

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